Cat On The Moon is a style blog written by me, Cat, about the process of curating a capsule wardrobe and different ways to achieve a simple and thoughtful lifestyle. I try to keep in mind that simplicity is a journey and a life well lived is the goal.

Remembering Why We Choose Simplicity

Remembering Why We Choose Simplicity

De-cluttering and simplification is a process in itself, but it isn't the goal. I cannot tell you how many times I seem to have forgotten that while I work hard at gathering my capsule wardrobe.

Sometimes I get stuck on achieving my goal of having this capsule, but completely lose sight of why I even bother. 

So, why do I bother?

Because I want to have the freedom to focus on what really matters. I want to feel joy when I'm getting dressed each day, rather than dread. Or I'd rather not think about it, at all. For some reason, reconnecting with my purpose behind the simplified wardrobe is very tough to keep up with.

Why is it tough to maintain connection with my purpose?

I don't entirely know, but I have an idea: 

I find that consumerism has a tendency to take over me and turn me into a money-wasting zombie.

Even when I'm approaching it as simply as possible.

This shopping period makes me incredibly vulnerable to getting sucked into spending mindlessly. I get joy from shopping, but as I have found, that momentary joy is very fleeting. It isn't true and it isn't what I should be utilizing as a source of happiness.

It's not as joyful as a walk outside or a trip with a loved one or a deep conversation with your long distance best friend. Those each connect with purposes that are more important than simplicity, itself.

Simplicity allows for more time to partake in what really matters. And that is the goal. Not a simple life. So while my blog tagline is "A thoughtful style blog for a simple life," I must do my best to remember that a simple life is a resource for a life well lived.

I'd like to thank Courtney Carver, author of Be More With Less, for reminding me of this. She says:

When decluttering is frustrating, or you regret spending too much, or you aren’t sure where this whole simplicity journey is headed, remind yourself that you aren’t creating a simple life, you are creating a life.

Check out her post here. It's a lovely, short read.

Do you find yourself losing connection with why you're paring down your wardrobe? How do you reconnect?



P.S. I get so distracted and excited I even forgot about my Simple Mondays series last night and prepped another post that went live this morning. So forgive me for posting twice today!

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