Cat On The Moon is a style blog written by me, Cat, about the process of curating a capsule wardrobe and different ways to achieve a simple and thoughtful lifestyle. I try to keep in mind that simplicity is a journey and a life well lived is the goal.

Wardrobe Inspiration and Confessions

Wardrobe Inspiration and Confessions

Hello blog and blog readers,

I have to confess - I've been avoiding you. After my first post I was on a mini roll. I had a plan, I had ideas, I was going to do this. I took pictures for my many future posts, I envisioned my blossoming internet fame as I gained thousands and thousands of Pinterest followers and blog-readers... I had big dreams and the ambition to drive them forward!

That didn't last long. And that is okay. I mentioned this in my first post: I freeze in fear when I over-analyze a situation. All of these ideas began to crush me and I scared myself away from posting anything more.

In this case, I went way overboard with an idea of a schedule and what exactly I would be posting about. I read so many tips on how to create a successful blog, that success became my focus rather than healing and discovering. As cliche as this is, the blog became about the destination and not about the journey. I read tips along the lines of: post content that will help others; don't make it all about you; more people will read your blog if...

And I took it too seriously.  

I wanted to have a blog that could inspire people and help them out. I wanted recognition. Those tips are helpful for improving the success of your blog, but what I had failed to realize and embrace, was that my blog is a nobody right now. Maybe that recognition will come, maybe it won't. But I have to start somewhere.

This blog does need to be about me and not you (I'm sorry if that is offensive). This blog will never be anything if I do not keep it true to its purpose of self-development. And that means I will need to be selfish in what I post. How can I help you if I can't help myself?

My blog is a tiny speck in a universe filled with millions of others' voices. My audience size is teeny tiny and my posts aren't reaching the far corners of the internet. My thoughts and my wisdom (*cough*) aren't reaching thousands of viewers. 

And that is okay.

This blog was not supposed to be about that. This blog is supposed to be about simplifying my life and sharing the journey along the way. This blog is also going to be about self-compassion (a technique I've read about on Zen Habits - best blog ever). 

So I am going to drop the idea of a schedule. I am not going to promise you all that I will have the best capsule wardrobe this world has ever seen.  My wardrobe is a sad and broken mess right now after my purge, which I was supposed to write a post about.

My house is a mess and definitely not worth sharing a ton of pictures with you all right now. I haven't felt inspired to cook a lot lately. I'm feeling a little anxious about the concept of a capsule wardrobe because in the past few weeks all of my shoes have broken, my pants have ripped, and my shirts have developed holes... so I am in total disrepair and replacing everything is going to be a process.

It will not be a quick post showing all I want to buy and then - BAM - being able to buy it all. I'm going to have to slowly rebuild and budget. I'll need to take things slowly and breathe deeply. I need to have compassion for myself and for my wallet.

So I am sorry if you do not want to read an online diary and I am sorry if you feel you've wasted five minutes reading each post about myself, but please remember: this isn't about you, readers (yet). In the kindest way possible - this is about me. And maybe you can learn something about yourself along the way.

Leaving off on that, I wanted to share a board of inspiration for my future closet. This board will help drive every decision I make for my future purchases. If it seems a little cross-seasonal, it is because I live in South Florida and we don't really have winter (or fall, for that matter) so I plan to derive colors from Fall/Winter, but stick to heat-friendly styles, save for a few sweaters since I will be traveling to North Florida for the Holidays and visiting DC in late November.

My mini-Pinterest board to inspire my wardrobe purchases this season. - Cat On The Moon - "A thoughtful lifestyle blog for a simplified life."

My mini-Pinterest board to inspire my wardrobe purchases this season. - Cat On The Moon - "A thoughtful lifestyle blog for a simplified life."

Thank you, again, for following along. Do you often find yourself being too harsh, too?



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