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How To Plan For Your Capsule Wardrobe

I don't know about you, but in the past when I would go shopping, I would go for fun. I would go without a plan. And most often I would go shopping to fill some void. Not that I would think to myself:

Hey, I'm feeling some sort of void. I should go to the mall to find happiness.

But hindsight is 20/20, my friends. I started to realize that when I would go to the mall with my friend, it was usually because I was feeling down. Which was usually caused by trying to get dressed for some event or outing.

Upon realizing I had nothing to wear that I would feel good in, I would get all sulky and feel the need to fix my problem by buying another outfit. That outfit would make me feel great in that moment, and then I would go through the whole cycle again each time...

How To Define Your Capsule Wardrobe


Prepping for a capsule wardrobe has proven to be tough work thus far, but we're resilient people; We can handle anything. Right?

We've found our why, we ruthlessly purged our closet, we got inspired and made a visual guide to stay focused. Can we start shopping, yet?

Slow your roll, friend. Let's clearly define our capsule wardrobe. If you've made the decision to move forward with a capsule wardrobe, it's very likely you had issues before. Issues with your shopping habits and with your budgeting. Or lack thereof. You always feel stressed when you get dressed and nothing in your closet feels like you.

How To Find Your Style For Your Capsule Wardrobe

In a previous post, I showed my own personal inspiration for my first capsule wardrobe, but I didn't give you many details on how to gather said inspiration. I'd like to expand upon that.

I've already discussed in this post how you should find your why and purge your closet before working on your capsule wardrobe. My next piece of advice is to get inspired!

Once your closet has been edited down to the items you love, it's time to focus in on purchasing what you need to complete your capsule wardrobe. But, wait. First you need to figure out what your style is.

How do I do that?

Life Goals: A Capsule Wardrobe

I am constantly and fervently reading blogs. I'm not sure what my deal is, but I love reading about how other people are living their lives, dressing their bodies, and decorating their homes. Maybe that makes me a new-age peeper? Creeper? I usually end up spiraling down this rabbit hole, hoping to uncover my true destiny somewhere deep within.

The other day, I finally did. I uncovered the destiny of my closet: The Capsule Wardrobe.