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Wardrobe Must Have: Striped Dresses

Wardrobe Must Have: Striped Dresses

One of the pieces I knew I wanted in my winter capsule wardrobe was a short, striped dress. My inspiration board just kept screaming it at me, so I included it in my shopping plan.

Wait, winter? That's right! I said it. I live in South Florida, so my "winter" wardrobe is going to be a mixture of spring and somewhat wintry pieces. You can consider this as spring inspiration. Unless you live here too!

One day it will be 55 degrees and the next day it will be 75. Although if I am being honest... it is mostly the 75 degree category. South Florida winters are just the best! If you can even call 55 degrees winter...

Anyway, I'm going to need some pieces that can accommodate the warmer days and I wanted to challenge myself and go for a shoulder baring look. I thought this would be perfect!

For one, it would absolutely take me out of my comfort zone since I am not a girly girl by any means and rarely wear dresses.

Also, since it is simplistic with its colors - black and white - it offers a multitude of combinations for mixing and matching and won't make me feel too discomforted!

This isn't work appropriate - at least not the one I chose - but it will be great for brunch or going to the local brewery. I'm really looking forward to styling this!

The one I chose is much more girly and revealing than I generally go for, so fingers crossed I will feel comfortable in it! I just ordered it yesterday, so I'll be awaiting its arrival eagerly.

So, here are a few choices for you to look through, too:



I found a couple more possibilities that I am considering also buying and then returning 2/3 that aren't my favorite. Here are my new considerations below! (Click the images to be directed to the links).

Do you have your eyes on these dresses, too? Or will you have to wait for some cheerier weather? Sound off in the comments below! I love to hear from my readers.

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