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Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To

Everyone who works an office job or attends school seems to dread Mondays. Not everyone, but most of us mere mortals. I have mixed opinions on the matter, because on one hand, I find myself feeling anxiety on Sunday night because... well... I love the weekend! And who doesn't?

Mondays are tough because pants all of a sudden become a requirement and bedhead is looked down upon. Psshh, whatever. Pants are so overrated.

So, where do these mixed feelings come from, you wonder? Seems like I've made up my mind, huh?

Let me tell you:

  1. Mondays go by super quick - so, that's a plus.
  2. We should really be trying to embrace every minute of our lives and be present for each passing day and each passing moment. Whether it's one of dread, happiness, boredom... 

Did number two surprise you? Did I contradict myself? [Yes.]

We should really be trying to feel every moment we live because:

"Every day passes whether you participate or not." - Ming-Dao Deng
"Every day passes whether you participate or not." | Ming-Dao Deng - Cat On The Moon (www.catonthemoon.xyz) - Join me every Monday for a little taste of calm and simplicity.

That quote is pure excellence because there is no denying it. I will never get back each Monday that has come before this one and don't want to hate all the Mondays that hopefully will follow this one. 

Now PIN that pretty image I made to remind yourself and share the love! Go on!

I digress...

Some things in life are somewhat dreadful (like Mondays) and that's okay (which has basically become my catch-phrase), but if you're going to dislike a moment in your life... at least be present with it.

Maybe ask yourself why you dislike said moment in time. Think about it for a minute. Ponder it. Think of how you can move with it. 

Then get over it and find something you're grateful for like... your beautiful, clean house you labored over on Sunday... or your super soft sheets...  or the fact that you have a source of income to fund your hopes and dreams.

Or how about this new series I am starting to have something simple to look forward to each Monday?

Life has negative and positive moments, so I think it is important to feel them all and accept all of the emotions that come with it, but don't try to rush through it!

So why bring up how Mondays suck? Oh yea, I'm reserving this day for posts on simplicity. Ooohhh! My favorite thing! Because while this blog may be about life and style, its goal is to strive for simplicity.

So mark your calendars. Every Monday will have a new post about simplicity. And get excited! Or calm down and relax. Experience your Monday however you want.

Tell me, how do you experience Mondays? 



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