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Reusable Household Goods

Reusable Household Goods

I started my Simple Mondays Series so I could take the pressure off of this anxiety inducing day. For myself and for you, friends.

Sometimes that means writing a post about what was on my mind the weekend before, sometimes it means sharing small bits of advice based on what I've learned from the process of trying to simplify my home and style.

Today I'd like to discuss my movement from disposable household goods to reusable ones.

This was honestly not an area that I focused too much of my time and energy on previous to reading this post from Erin at Reading My Tea Leaves.

I find it amusing how slow my sustainable changes have been, but then again I know how important it is to progress slowly. That's sustainable practice in itself!

It started with recycling and then switching to greener household products. Then I began educating myself on capsule wardrobes and slow fashion resources.

I'm still learning about all of these things and trying to educate myself on the why (read about the importance of that here), but it helps to follow people whose opinions you trust. I most certainly trust Reading My Tea Leaves, because...

Isn't that what blogging is about? Building trust.

You follow bloggers because you trust what they have to say. Bloggers blog to share their opinions and hopefully gain a following, trust, and friendship among their readers.

I hope you eventually choose to trust me, as well.

But I realize I've sort of gone off on a tangent over here, but I trust that you're all okay with that because we're friends and by now you know I'm not the most straight forward!

And if you're new, then you will learn quickly!

Put simply, I've made one small switch to...

Photo courtesy of  Cute and Funky  on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of Cute and Funky on Etsy.

Reusable cotton.

I love these things. I now use two a day and then keep them in a little washable laundry sack to throw in with my whites each weekend (I use white vinegar instead of bleach).

And they're organic!

Cotton is not the most terrible of materials to use and then toss. In fact, it's completely biodegradable and compost-able, which is a practice I have not yet taken up, but plan to pursue eventually.

And it's best to try and reduce what we carelessly toss into the landfills (even if it's biodegradable).

Cotton is apparently one of the dirtiest cropsso it is incredibly important to purchase organic cotton for a variety of reasons. Environmental and personal.


Not sure if you've priced out organic cotton products, but they aren't cheap!

I utilize Amazon for a majority of my household goods, so when I went to buy organic cotton balls, I had a little bit of sticker shock, especially since I go through those bad boys so quickly.

At least four a day.

See how cheap regular cotton balls are? About 5 times less.

I went ahead and bought them once, but then I started thinking how can I be smarter about this financially and environmentally?

So maybe not exactly like that.

Probably more like Crap! That's expensive! Oh yea! Reusable stuff!

I've seen reusable paper towels on Etsy before, so I used it as my resource again. Plus I love how it's supportive of teeny tiny businesses!

Anyways, this is one small way you can make a better impact on your environment.

Or less of a bad one. And also support small businesses!

And it gets you thinking of other small changes you can make.

Like maybe being more thoughtful when you grab a paper towel.

Or rinsing out your recyclables instead of being lazy and tossing them in the trash. 

It's about little changes.



Think of it as investing. When you make one small change for the better, it goes into your environmental savings and then the good that it inspires or creates compounds, and therefore increases exponentially! Woo!

One day you will be rich in environmental do-goodery!

Made up word of the day.

So this is my Simple Monday fix. Do you have any simple tips to share on how to reduce your environmental impact?

Please share in the comments below!

And have a happy Monday.



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