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Wardrobe Must Have: Polished Blazers

Wardrobe Must Have: Polished Blazers

When I wrote about Robin Scherbatsky's enviable ensembles, I focused mainly on how lovely her blouses were, because let's be real, if you want to look put-together, a blouse is the way to go, but it can't always stand alone.

I remember asking my boyfriend why he was attracted to me in the first place and one of the things he mentioned that stood out to me was that he liked how well-dressed I was.

That's a rather interesting answer, don't you think?

Now, mind you, I was still wearing Forever 21 everything back then, but I had started to transition into a general uniform of blouse + skinny jeans. And I'll admit...

I looked good.

(I know, being humble is my strength)

About a year after we started dating, I decided to purchase some blazers from H&M and began incorporating them into my nightlife looks. And I loved it.  Here is a little Instagram flashback or two from my personal account:

Love me some blazers.

A photo posted by Caitlyn Hampton (@caitlynhampton) on

Saturday night uniform. I swear I have friends. #thereisstillacatinthispicture

A photo posted by Caitlyn Hampton (@caitlynhampton) on

Disclaimer: If you choose to follow my personal account on Instagram, please expect 95% cat photos (#kittyonthemoon). You've been warned.

When you put on a blazer, suddenly it feels like you can take over the world.

It kind of reminds me of that hilarious little song about suits Barney broke out into that one time on How I Met Your Mother. A blazer is a piece of a suit... hmmm... Barney was right.

Suits have magical powers!

And so do blazers.

So I say whether you work in an office (like me) or not, blazers should become a wardrobe staple because they really polish off your outfit instantly and can help you get away with wearing almost anything.

T-shirts? Check.

Cozy sweaters? Check.

Sweatshirts because UGH the cold? Check.

Jeans? Double check.

Obviously if you're a fancy lawyer, you may want to stick to your stricter dress codes... but if your office is more lax and casual, then go on.

Rock those comfy clothes and become a blazer ninja like me.

Something that I find as a bonus, because it's an area I am sensitive about, is rather than accentuating my shoulders and arms and making them appear broader, I find that blazers actually slim that area. 

It's almost as if they help streamline your overall appearance. That may not be an issue for you, but definitely a bonus if you're sensitive about it like me.

Now, let's talk quality.

One of my favorite bloggers, Extra Petite, said she only purchases her black blazers from Theory. And they are stunning pieces. I can totally see the value of buying a black blazer from there and never ever needing to buy another one, ever.

However, in my current budget restraints, I've had to look elsewhere.

In those older Instagram photos, I was wearing a couple blazers from H&M. For a college budget, they served me well, but this year they have quit on me.

While I would recommend investing in higher quality, they did last me a couple of years. So they are definitely not a complete waste.

Here is a similar black one and a similar white one from H&M. And I really like this one too! (and as of February 12 some of them are on sale!).

So, my replacement blazer is definitely not breaking the bank.

I got it from ASOS (the one on the left)  and it cost about $40, but so far I am really loving it. ASOS sizing can be a little tricky, so be sure to measure yourself!

For reference, I'm 5'2" about 115 pounds and generally wear a size 2 in pants and Small in tops. I bought the UK size 8.

It's funny because I usually order whatever size the model is wearing. Keep in mind those girls are typically 5'10" and up... but that's a good way for me to judge (plus I know my measurements which is super important for online shopping - read about that here).

This blazer is great! So far it doesn't attract cat hair, which tends to be a huge problem for me. Cat lady over here.

And I love the lining! It's a nice satiny black with black dots. A great little detail when you roll the sleeves up like in the photo.

I am very pleased with my purchase thus far (and trust me, I'm weary because I bought a few $100 ones only to return them due to sizing or quality issues). Shopping online always poses a risk!

And I am SO going to buy that white one! Love how crisp and sharp white looks!

So I'll leave it at that.

Take a look at some other options below and tell me, is a blazer a staple in your wardrobe or are they too stuffy and structured for your taste?

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