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Life Goals: A Capsule Wardrobe

Life Goals: A Capsule Wardrobe

I am constantly and fervently reading blogs. I'm not sure what my deal is, but I love reading about how other people are living their lives, dressing their bodies, and decorating their homes. Maybe that makes me a new-age peeper? Creeper? I usually end up spiraling down this rabbit hole, hoping to uncover my true destiny somewhere deep within.

The other day, I finally did. I uncovered the destiny of my closet: The Capsule Wardrobe.

I have no idea how I eventually got to this website. I think Pinterest led me there, as per usual. I discovered this concept on a blog called Unfancy. I'm not so sure she is still posting new content, but I went through and read almost every single one of her posts. I recommend you do too.

The Capsule Wardrobe is centered around this concept of less is more and that creativity can be unleashed by utilizing constraints. You divide your wardrobe goals into each of the four seasons, and limit what you wear to the pieces within each wardrobe. She breaks down the concept a little better here and I encourage you to read it and see if it's a technique you might be interested in adopting along with me.

I will definitely be giving it a shot. My first step: Closet Evaluation. This is a post I'm planning to write, sharing the woes that is my closet and figuring out what has to go and what needs to enter.

First, let's take a look at my Fashion Past.

For a time I really struggled hard with my personal style. In middle school it was all about that Abercrombie (the cool kids were wearing Hollister, but I was too miniature to fit into their sizes... Oh the struggles of being a 1st-grade sized pre-teen!). The clothing was overpriced and terribly lacking in legitimate style, but it was easy at least.

The first part of high school wasn't much different. I could finally wear Hollister and my high school's dress code of polos and jeans made each morning choice as simple as picking my shoes and jewelry.

At the time I loathed the system, but looking back I appreciate that I was able to develop at least some style within those constraints. It really whittled down my daily dressing drama down to "No, Mahm! I have to wear those jeans. They must be clean!" (we've all been a brat at some time in our lives).

The second half of high school was okay. I had discovered skinny jeans (my favorite item in my wardrobe), but was bored with the clone look of Hollister. Plus, I wasn't even beachy or surfer-like at all. I had dreams of moving to a city and becoming a famous Architect. The dream has since evolved...

Those goals didn't exactly reflect the chill, laid-back beach girl I was dressing as. More like Type A, know-it-all, fashion-y hotshot. Or hipster may have been more appropriate, but that style didn't quite become a thing until I was in college...

And then college.

I finally learned about other stores (The small-town bubble I was in didn't provide many options) and how people not from the Panhandle of Florida dress. Forever 21? What is that? You mean those jeans cost $9 and that blouse costs $12? Give me all of the clothes!

I'd mention other stores, but that place became my temple. I didn't shop anywhere else for four years. Maybe a little dabbling here and there, but no other place stood up to the cheap, trendy variety that Forever 21 offered.

As I'm sure you can imagine, my closet became filled with JUNK. Because the clothing was so cheap and trendy, I never took the time to filter my choices and develop a style.

I had a closet full of clothes and never anything to wear, which would of course lead to another spree of buying something last minute for some new event.

Tailgating, class presentation, Halloween party, any party, a date, going to class... I was always finding some new way to buy new clothes because nothing in my closet ever matched what I wanted to feel like for each new event.

I borrowed clothes from my roommates, but they got tired of that real quick (thank you for all of the outfits, my lovely friends). I wasted all of my money on this silly shopping habit and never stopped to think of how I could fix it.

Things eventually improved my senior year. I think you can only run from your true self for so long. 

I adapted my own style, but still relied on the cheap clothes from F21 (and still my roommates closets). Move forward about a year and a half, and here I am today. I have an office job, I pay my own bills, I have a budget (buh?!), my boyfriend and I live together, and I am full-fledged adult.

So what is this new style of mine?

Let's call it simple, modern, comfortable, streamlined, un-girly, and now I want to add in QUALITY.

That's what I've truly been lacking thus far. And with quality comes refinement. Which means lessening the numbers, reducing the madness, and streamlining the process moving forward.

So, this is why I've told you the life-story of my closet. This is my clean-slate. The madness stops here. My goal is to develop a capsule wardrobe and simplify my life.

Because with simplicity comes bliss and I want one less thing to stress about.

Could you limit your wardrobe for each season?

See how I get started with this post.



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