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How To Find Your Style For Your Capsule Wardrobe

How To Find Your Style For Your Capsule Wardrobe

In a previous post, I showed my own personal inspiration for my first capsule wardrobe, but I didn't give you many details on how to gather said inspiration. I'd like to expand upon that.

I've already discussed in this post how you should find your why and purge your closet before working on your capsule wardrobe. My next piece of advice is to get inspired!

Once your closet has been edited down to the items you love, it's time to focus in on purchasing what you need to complete your capsule wardrobe. But, wait. First you need to figure out what your style is.

How do I do that?

Great question! You're so smart, you.

I'd say not many women or men for that matter can nail down what their personal style is. This lack of direction is part of why so many individuals are left with closets and dressers filled to the brim with clothes, but nothing to wear. 

If this is a feeling that overwhelms you on a regular basis, it's probably at least part of why you want to tackle a capsule wardrobe. Not knowing your style is a huge obstacle in making any progress - whether you're aiming for minimalism and simplicity or not.

Trust me, I've been through this too. I tried to buy prints, colors, and florals for years only to find that I hated each article of clothing weeks later and always felt exasperated because nothing in my closet seemed to represent me.

When I finally admitted to myself that I feel most comfortable in solids or at most, black and white prints, I was able to finally start refining my wardrobe and start feeling comfortable and confident, without having to always buy something new for every occasion.

I still hope to find even further refinement, break out of my comfort zone a little, and start buying less, but higher quality pieces - all reasons why I am starting a capsule wardrobe!

The first step in developing your style is to get inspired.

This is the really fun part! Un-Fancy has created a free wardrobe planner to help guide you in the direction to getting your wardrobe together, however it tends to focus more on words than visuals. While the planner is helpful, I prefer to learn through visuals. Especially when it comes to fashion and style.

So the first step, if you haven't done so already, is to get involved with Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool for gathering inspiration because it only takes a couple clicks and is full of stunning visuals that can be incredibly inspiring.

So do this:

  1. Create a Pinterest account (as if you don't already have one)

  2. Create a New Board - only for the purposes of your wardrobe inspiration!

  3. Start Pinning!

You can even make your board private so that no one, but you can see the pins. Or invite your friends to keep an eye for pins that remind them of you and add them as pinners to your board!

With step 3, try not to get too crazy. I have a board labeled "Fashion" where I post anything and everything related to fashion that catches my eye - from street style to runway models... neither of which really apply to my daily, personal style. In fact, I have a separate board just for my capsule wardrobe ideas.

I recommend you remain focused and be picky about what you post, because once you've done a fair amount of pinning, you'll need to be able to interpret your pins to translate them into a shopping plan. Here is an example of the pins I gathered for my capsule wardrobe inspiration:

Inspiration for my personal style to bring focus to my capsule wardrobe. - Read more at Cat On The Moon (www.catonthemoon.xyz)

This is the inspiration I gathered some time ago for my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. It is somewhat old now, so I am going to need to revamp it, but it has already influenced some purchases I've made.


I know this collection of images doesn't scream winter, but I used to live in South Florida and our winter consisted of a low 60 and a high of 75, so I've instead chosen to be inspired by the colors of winter more so than the actual coats, scarves, etc. Keep in mind your own seasonal weather where you live when you're gathering "pinspiration."

And don't feel limited to only posting outfits! If there is a piece of architecture that inspires you, pin it! If you find a pattern you love, pin it! Is there a scene of nature that you feel inspired by? Pin it! See the pattern here? We're finding inspiration and should not feel stuck in a box.

Now, having a gathering of inspiration is all well and good, but here is where we need to start training our eye to find consistencies so we can develop our style.

Next we need to interpret what we see into concrete objectives.

Take a look at my collection above. Let's start picking out repeat items. Here is what I see:

  • Skinny Jeans

  • Blazers and Jackets

  • Stripes

  • Edgy Heels

  • Monotone Outfits

  • Casual mixed with Chic (tee shirts and heels)

  • Black, White, Tan, Wine, and Denim Blue

  • Gold Accents

Can you see those things too?

Can you see how those bullet points are starting to form an idea of what my style is? Can you see how creating a collection of images can help to create a sense of style for yourself?  You just have to learn how to interpret those images!

So now here is maybe how I would take all of that inspiration and translate it into a concrete personal style guide using words:

Color Palette:

Black, white, gray, indigo, tan, and wine/reds

Word Association:

Sleek, feminine, edgy, modern

Uniform Combos:

Skinny jeans + heels + blazer

Shift dress + jacket

Skinny jeans + blouse + flats


Casual office setting, occasional dinner out, occasional happy hour, weekend explorations

I just needed to get some visuals together before I was able to put into words the style I feel I have, and the clothes I want to express it. Now, maybe you can tackle Un-Fancy's Capsule Wardrobe Planner!

Purchases I have made since creating this board for inspiration:

  • Jean jacket

  • Black, white and gray skinny jeans

  • Tan boots

  • Striped tee

  • Gray, white and black tees

There are a variety of other items I've been trying to buy, as well, because I know they belong in my closet now, but I've been experiencing some road blocks... More on that later, though!

Go forth, my pretties! And create thy Pinterest boards of wardrobe inspiration! Follow me on Pinterest for some inspiration. And please, share links to your boards in the comments below.



Does Pinterest help you develop a sense of personal style?

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