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Dreaming Of... Valentine's Day

Dreaming Of... Valentine's Day

I want to be practical. I want to be minimal. I want to be frugal. But I also still want to dream.

For Valentine's day, I like to celebrate by somehow showing my significant other that I care for him. Sometimes that means baking something sweet (try this pound cake). Or cleaning the whole apartment so he can relax. Or just letting him be alone with his video games.


What makes me happy on this day?

The exact same. I have no expectations beyond some expression of love.

Whether that means bringing me things I love like red wine and dark chocolate. Or something that will make me smile like a bouquet of flowers or something green. Or maybe cleaning the whole apartment for me so I can relax.

We're likely going to be spending our Valentine's day grilling out back (because South Florida knows no winter) then spending the night on our cozy couch playing video games or watching some movies. 

I love the idea of marinating some flank steaks and grilling some corn with cilantro butter... Mmmm.

But here is what I'm dreaming of:

These silk jammies that I'm loving from Everlane.

Some cozy slippers for walking on our cold tile floors.

This plant hanger with these plants to clean my air and keep them safely away from the cats.

Or this stunning arrangement (seriously in my dreams).

Some beautiful teas (rose and jasmine) since the theme seems to be relaxation.

This dream of a ring.

A new book with pretty pictures to curl up with.

And maybe a lovely scent or two.

I can't afford most of these things, but sometimes it's just nice to play pretend.

What are your Valentine's Day plans? Please share with me in the comments below!



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