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My Closet and I Are Moody

Do any of you experience mood swings with your wardrobe? Some days I'm perfectly okay with a casual, athleisure look. Other days I'm about skinny jeans, high heels, and power blazers. The next is about laid-back sandals, short sleeve button-ups, and a messy bun.

Back To Basics: Tees

It is so incredibly easy to get lost when trying to put together a wardrobe. I'm basically starting from scratch because I have purged my closet so many times... I've lost count.

I'm ruthless.

On one hand it's great. It means I'm truly paring down to the items I only love. Unfortunately it means I don't have much to start with. That's why in this post, I made the decision.

It's time to get back to basics.

Wardrobe Must Have: Moto Jackets

If it were realistic, I would buy a different moto jacket for every day of the week. A moto jacket adds instant style to any outfit and is an absolute no-brainer as an item or two in my wardrobe.

It's also a huge confidence booster. 

People just instantly assume you're stylish and powerful when you're wearing one of these things. And it's completely fine to fake it until you feel it.

Wardrobe Inspiration and Confessions

Hello blog and blog readers,

I have to confess - I've been avoiding you. After my first post I was on a mini roll. I had a plan, I had ideas, I was going to do this. I took pictures for my many future posts, I envisioned my blossoming internet fame as I gained thousands and thousands of Pinterest followers and blog-readers... I had big dreams and the ambition to drive them forward!