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Much, Much, Much, Less Waste

I am an avid listener and participant in The Minimalists podcast (they've read one of my tweets and played two of my voicemails; my claim to fame!). 

The other day, while I was listening on my way to work, Joshua coined a phrase that I was really feeling. 

He was discussing a zero-waste lifestyle, which is certainly a noble cause, however this can be a very intimidating phrase that would turn the average individual away and say, "there is no way I can accomplish that!"

There Is Freedom In Less

Hello, friends! It has been quite some time since I have posted anything and I've been dealing with a little bit of guilt over that.

Here's the thing, when something becomes a stressor in your life, I think it's important to step away from it.

Dreaming Of... Valentine's Day

I want to be practical. I want to be minimal. I want to be frugal. But I also still want to dream.

For Valentine's day, I like to celebrate by somehow showing my significant other that I care for him. Sometimes that means baking something sweet (try this pound cake). Or cleaning the whole apartment so he can relax. Or just letting him be alone with his video games.

How To Find Balance In Positive Changes

Last week was a tough one, friends. My mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has since had her thyroid removed. She is going to be okay. In fact, she's mostly okay now. As okay as you can be once you hear the word cancer.

She shouldn't even need chemo or radiation therapy. Hopefully an iodine pill will do the trick, but as I'm sure you can imagine we've all been dealing with the shock. Especially my mom. So this weekend I went home to see her and my dad...

Striving For Self Compassion

One of the greatest lessons I have learned since beginning my yoga practice has been self-compassion. I was intimidated by the exercise because although I was a gymnast in my youth, I had lost a large amount of flexibility by the time I was 22.

I was incredibility aware of this loss, which was a large motivator for wanting to take up yoga, but something I had not lost from my time as a gymnast was my perfectionism. 

Something To Look Forward To

Everyone who works an office job or attends school seems to dread Mondays. Not everyone, but most of us mere mortals. I have mixed opinions on the matter, because on one hand, I find myself feeling anxiety on Sunday night because... well... I love the weekend! And who doesn't?

Mondays are tough because pants all of a sudden become a requirement and bedhead is looked down upon. Psshh, whatever. Pants are so overrated.

So, where do these mixed feelings come from, you wonder? Seems like I've made up my mind, huh?

6 Simple Changes For A More Effective Year

I love the beginning of a new year because who doesn't like the feel of a fresh start?

 And with a new year comes new resolutions. I know we're already a week into it, so most of you likely already have your resolutions set in place. But have you ever considered dropping your "resolutions" and choosing, instead, to just make slight tweaks in your daily behavior?

Life Goals: A Capsule Wardrobe

I am constantly and fervently reading blogs. I'm not sure what my deal is, but I love reading about how other people are living their lives, dressing their bodies, and decorating their homes. Maybe that makes me a new-age peeper? Creeper? I usually end up spiraling down this rabbit hole, hoping to uncover my true destiny somewhere deep within.

The other day, I finally did. I uncovered the destiny of my closet: The Capsule Wardrobe.

Why Start a Blog? | Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

If you know me at all, you know that this may just be my biggest flaw - Analysis Paralysis. I always overthink anything and everything until I get so overwhelmed, I freeze in action. I call it quits. I give up and I just say no. Some may call it something else like procrastination or indecision or likely even laziness. I call it fear.