Cat On The Moon is a style blog written by me, Cat, about the process of curating a capsule wardrobe and different ways to achieve a simple and thoughtful lifestyle. I try to keep in mind that simplicity is a journey and a life well lived is the goal.

Capsule Wardrobe Prelude | Moving Forward

Capsule Wardrobe Prelude | Moving Forward

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It's a new year and though it's been a while since I have posted anything new, I'm really excited to push ahead for 2016! A lot has happened in the past two months or so and I have learned quite a bit with my wardrobe since my last post.

Since I posted my wardrobe inspiration and reflected a little on the appropriate steps to get started, my progression towards a simplified wardrobe sort of just... happened. In a very natural way. I'm in the works of breaking down what my wardrobe has become and hope to add a couple pairs of shoes and make a few more decisions, and then VOILA...

I will finally have a "capsule" wardrobe to share!

I put "capsule" in quotes because the wardrobe has spanned a couple seasons and also because winter in South Florida just doesn't count as winter. Maybe once I actually get the shoe thing figured out I'll give it a more official title and own it a little stronger.

Anyways, I've made some steps towards streamlining the visuals for the blog and I've made some moves on Pinterest to attract some of you lovely readers and that thing at the top of this post is to get started with Bloglovin'.

I'm really excited about all of the changes and steps and to start actually sharing some advice on how I got to where I am.

The journey of seeing how these outfits come to together it going to be fun!

Even more fun... I'm going to take a break from shopping! I've been doing it way too much these past couple months. I've been doing a lot of un-shopping, as well, because there has been a lot of trial and error. Especially with shoes. Ugh shoes! I love them and hate them due to my tiny feet! It's nearly impossible to find matches.

I've also made a few changes to my health and to my beauty routine and overall efforts towards sustainability. I'll be sharing those, as well. Get stoked, people! 2016 is going to be a great year!



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