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Back To Basics: Tees

Back To Basics: Tees

It is so incredibly easy to get lost when trying to put together a wardrobe. I'm basically starting from scratch because I have purged my closet so many times... I've lost count.

I'm ruthless.

On one hand it's great. It means I'm truly paring down to the items I only love. Unfortunately it means I don't have much to start with. That's why in this post, I made the decision.

It's time to get back to basics.

I want to start with T-shirts. For one, they are super comfy and soft against your skin. I don't know about you, but I tend to grab for a cotton tee more often than not. Especially on the chillier or rainy days.

It's not exactly the most fancy of office wear, but I just throw a blazer over it and call it a day. 

Now, I've been buying tees left and right over the past year. The problem I've faced very often was that I would get holes in them so quickly or they would instantly get stained...

I don't know if that means I'm a poor care-taker (aka I pick up my cats too often and eat like I'm an animal in a farmhouse) or if the shirts were low quality...

Maybe both.

However, I've made a recent discovery on a lovely set of tees from Everlane - a company that is refreshingly transparent - and so far so good!

T-shirts are a classic wardrobe item, especially for a minimalist individual or someone aiming for a more simple look. Ever notice how men wear t-shirts all the time?

I think women should take a hint. Tee shirts are a wardrobe staple. And they are also a form of forgiveness. At least the way I see it.

It is a way to tell yourself that comfort is acceptable and overt sexiness or femininity is not only not necessary, but also not required.

It's accepting this idea that you can dress for yourself or other women, not just for men (or whomever rocks your boat)... But more on that later.

On that note, I like to keep it simple.

Black, white, and gray.

For now, it's all I need. Although I can see maybe grabbing a navy or bright red one in the future. Here are the tees I've recently added to my closet (on my new wooden hangers!):

1 | 2 | 3

1. Everlane Black Cotton V-Neck
2. Everlane White Cotton V-Neck 
3. Everlane Heather Gray Cotton V-Neck

So far my favorite is the gray because somehow it is the softest. Are you a t-shirt kind of girl or do you like dress a little fancier? Share in the comments below!

Want to get started on your capsule wardrobe? 

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