Cat On The Moon is a style blog written by me, Cat, about the process of curating a capsule wardrobe and different ways to achieve a simple and thoughtful lifestyle. I try to keep in mind that simplicity is a journey and a life well lived is the goal.

Why Start a Blog? | Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Why Start a Blog? | Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

If you know me at all, you know that this may just be my biggest flaw - Analysis Paralysis. I always overthink anything and everything until I get so overwhelmed, I freeze in action. I call it quits. I give up and I just say no. Some may call it something else like procrastination or indecision or likely even laziness. I call it fear.

Another thing some may have noticed about me, if you truly know me is that I am a deeply considerate and passionate individual. More traits that lead to my paralysis, but defined in a more... positive way. I can't always be beating myself up. 

Why am I telling you this? What does this have to do with anything?  Why do I want you to know me?

Because this post is my first step towards to my cure and fixing something I am very, very, very, bad with... action.

To give it to you straightI like to think I have a good taste. I am obsessed with design and I know what is visually appealing. I just haven't practiced it enough to be able to translate it well. 

I am a natural/ambient light freak/Nazi depending on you who ask. My friends have always supported me in these fanatics and I've always had this taste and love for design and style, yet have never done anything with it. Today that changes. This is my practice.

I want to develop my style. I want a homey home, one that I am proud of and comfy in. I want to practice my writing and photography. I want to travel, to read, to create. I want to keep cooking delicious, wholesome food. I want a wardrobe that inspires me and elevates me. Not one that has me standing in fear every morning.

I'll start small and we will see how this grows from there...

One thing I know will be growing - me. This page is my exercise and my practice because how can you ever see results with any action?

So if you can tolerate a cat picture (or 300) and if you're into T-Shirts and high heels. If neutrals turn you on and plants make you happy. If the color white brings you joy, ugly lighting makes you angry, and if you like to eat, then I think I have something interesting for you here. 

And I thank you for following along.



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