Cat On The Moon is a style blog, written by Caitlyn Hampton, about the process of curating a capsule wardrobe and different ways to achieve a minimalist and simplistic lifestyle. She tries to keep in mind that simplicity is a journey and a life well lived is the goal.

Caitlyn is passionate about learning. When she stumbled upon the concept of minimalism, she was fascinated by the possibilities of letting go of things and grabbing more of life.

Since then she has taken inspiration from her favorite bloggers - The Minimalists, Reading My Tea Leaves, Zen Habits, UnFancy, and Crystalin Marie - to form some idea of what a simple life is and how it can be translated into her own.

Right now that means baby steps towards de-cluttering, sustainable home habits, meditation, capsule wardrobes, and versatile, stylish clothing that makes her feel good.  She knows mistakes will be made, but that it is also part of the learning process.

She is ever so grateful that you're here to learn alongside her.